Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meg Face Search 2010

Less than a week ago, I found out I made it to Meg Magazine’s Face Search Top 40, a day late for the panel interview. So my chance of being in the top 10 got forfeited. To my surprise though, Meg texted and informed me that I am still part of the Top 10 Reveal party. Yay! Afterall, I’m still one of the top 40 candidates (out of 673 applicants, by the way). My call time for hair and make-up was at 1:30 pm at Bench Fix Training Salon.

Make-up was courtesy of The Face Shop, impeccably done by Jhag Reyes.

Hair masterpiece was by Jesse Laroga of Bench Fix Salon.
Well, just posting my awesome camera shots (HAHA!) from last night’s Top 10 Reveal at Trio Restaurant and Amber Ultralounge at The Fort Entertainment Center.

It says: AMBER VIP. VIP yo!♥

I reserved this pass for one person. Sadly, he didn’t make it. :|

I got to meet wonderful and totes gorgeous ladies instead. They became my buddies during the event. :)

Tanja Winheim and Kristal Tavarra

With Sarah Meier look-alike, Grizelle Gratela
I don’t have any other decent-looking photos. I’ll probably post some more if someone from the event tags me. But if you are still itching to see some photos, you can check them out at my Facebook account album. I warn you though, it’s not a pretty sight. HEHE.

I wasn’t able to take lots because it was too crowded and dark inside. We left the place after the announcement of the Top 10. There were celebrities and very infuential people present. I felt kinda iffy staying longer there.

Anyway highway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people who congratulated me and who were happy for me. Thanks also to Nez for lending me her camera and to Balot for letting me crash at her place because mine was too far away from Taguig. Thank you guys! Love lots! Mwah!♥

Here are the the gorgeous ladies who made it to top 10. You can start voting for them on Tuesday at

L-R: Bea, Madge, Margo, Christia, Monique, Maya, Deb, Phoebe, Yumi, Danna

I’m rooting for Christia Asistio and Yumi Arima as they were really nice to me. But based on yesternight’s event, I’m getting the feeling that Bea Lozano will win. Hmmmm..

All the best, girls!

*Just click the photos to enlarge. :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

how was last night's event?


It was great! I met a lot of wonderful and uber gorgeous girls. It was so nice getting to know Tanja, Zelle, and Kristal. they were like my buddies all throughout the event! There were lots of popular people, too. I was so sad not being able to take a picture with Saab Magalona though. She was there. And Ms. Peewee Isidro (the Editor and Chief of Meg)'s outfit really struck me, even more when she approached Tanja and me to thank us. I'll tell more about the event in my tumblr and blogspot blogs. Maybe tonight. Oh, did you catch us last night? We were on live streaming at :)

curious much?♥

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kendrick Go and Jerome Tan

Here are two other photos from two different young photographers I met during the fun shoot with Paolo Sy.

Photography by Kendrick Go
Photography by Jerome Tan
19-year-old lads Kendrick and Jerome are studying at Chiang Kai Shek College. They major in marketing management and business management respectively.
Styling, make-up, and modeling were done by yours truly. :)

Just click the photos to enlarge.♥