Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's new?

Hello, dear readers. I know I'm such a loser for having not posted anything on this blog of mine. You see, I've been pretty busy at work lately, there are piles and piles of editing job and I had no time to attend photoshoots. So yep, no photo to post today.

However, I'd like to introduce to you my new baby. Finally, I have my own domain, yay! You read it right, I have my own .com website! Actually it's been on the internet for a month already.

That's it. I titled it Zeros and Fives to give "honor" to my very petite physique. While this Blogspot is the haven of my photoshoot escapades,  Zeros and Fives houses mostly fashion reviews and articles. If you like it enough, please please please follow me through Bloglovin' or subscribe via e-mail or RSS feeds. I would also be very grateful if you click on my ads (I'm serving Nuffnang) so that I could maintain the site.

Keep on visiting this blog, I might have another photoshoot soon. Toodles! :)