Monday, August 9, 2010

take 3

It takes me a while posting my photo shoot activities because I only try to insert blogging between office hours. I'm a bad employee, I know. Anyway, as promised, I will be posting the third photo shoot I was able to attend, dated August 1, 2010 at Burgundy Corporate Towers, Makati. It has been three months since I arrived here in Manila so you could expect I don't know the roads and ways of Metro Manila. As a result, I opted to ride a cab from North EDSA to the shoot location. I thought it was more convenient, but boy was it expensive! The best part, though, is I arrived 30 minutes ahead of time and of others, even ahead of the organizers. Haha. Talk about being too excited! Well at least I made a good impression.

There seven models present including me, three of whom posed wearing their skimpy bikinis! I was really shocked as it was my first time to actually see a sexy photo shoot with lots of boobs hangin' out! (pardon the language 8D). Of course, those three ladies got the attention of 75% of the photographers who attended the event. There were only like five photogs who continuously took the trouble to take some pictures of me. Nevertheless, I got superb shots! Here are some:

Photography by Marlowe Acompanado; Makeup by Anna Lorraine Angeles; Styling by Daf Benosa

What can you say? Could I pass for a Pond's commercial? Kidding! (Not.) Haha. Click here for more photos of me from the shoot.

I wonder when and where my fourth and upcoming photo shoots would be. Hmmm. I have talked with numerous photogs already and they are all willing to schedule a shoot, but there are no definite dates yet. I hope they would be soon. I'm very excited. I'm loving cameras. :-)

Till then fellas. :-)

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