Sunday, August 1, 2010

take 2

Photography by Leimoure Sanchez; Makeup and Styling by Daf Benosa

Now these are just two of my favorite photos from July 24's test shoot. The test shoot was held at Lensmates Studios in Pasay. Since I don't really know Manila, I asked Ali to accompany me (Ali is also new in Manila. Haha.) But since both of us can read, we were able to reach the location safe. When I got there, I was horrified to see that there was more than photographer. Bear with me, I'm new at this. 8D But I can't back out, can I? I took pity on the photographers for they have to stand my horrible ignorance to modeling and posing in front of the camera. Nonetheless, I thank Lensmate Studios because they were able to take good photos out of my novice-ness. Here and here are links to more photos from the test shoot.

I also met the great Ruel Tafalla, who happens to own Lensmates Studios. He personally invited me to come to a cause-driven shoot scheduled the next week. Of course I agreed! 8D

Next shoot: Shoot for Cancer Patients, July 31 at Burgundy Corporate Towers, Makati


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