Sunday, August 15, 2010


In my determination to "permeate" the modeling industry, I applied at ModelShop on July 4. The next day, I received an e-mail from them containing their VTR schedules. I initially planned to put off the VTR for two weeks, using that time to collect more decent photos. I only sent cellphone camera photos even if they are requiring headshots and bodyshots (sounds desperate, huh?), so I was really surprised that I got an invite a day after my application despite my horrible phone photos. Hee. Anyway, I was really glad I'm a step closer to modeling.

Going back, I should have had my VTR on the 17th of July, but I received several photo shoot invites after I had my first shoot and I thought it could help beef up my portfolio. I could still put off VTR another week. 

But since I'm a very busy and forgetful person, I forgot to contact ModelShop (they required models to call first before coming to the office) the day before I intended to go there. And I forgot again the week after that. Now I am posting this so that I won't forget to call this coming Friday. And if I don't, I hope that everything goes great during the VTR, and finally I would be able to do what I have been dreaming since a child. Please wish for my success. Thanks. :-)

Posting the photo above from my third photoshoot. Thanks to Marlowe Acompanado for a superb photo and Anna Angeles for the makeup. (Please don't mind the thigh flabs. Hee. Have to do some jogging exercise soon.) 

 I love the effect on this one. Photo is done by Jay Peña and makeup, again, by Anna Angeles. Thanks, guys. :-)


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