Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Conspiracy

I really refuse to delete my Multiply account. It is my very first social networking site where I was free to write. My blogs there were not satisfactory but it was the first time I took the courage to write my thoughts. And I think my decision was never wrong. Through Multiply, I was able to meet Jun Obille a.k.a Juno. Sir Juno, a Geology professor at U.P., is a member of a group called Artventures who meet during Saturdays at Conspiracy Bar to sketch, paint, and play wonderful music. To make the long story short, Sir Juno invited me to pose for them. . Of course, being very cautious and “reserved,” I told him I’d drop by Conspiracy first and watch them so that I could assess if I’d pose or not. And yes, I told him I can’t do nude. So off I went to Conspiracy. Unfortunately, the model didn’t arrive so Sir Juno, Sir Dario, Sir Donato, and I had an impromptu photo shoot instead (they are photography hobbyists as well.. will be posting the pictures soon). After that, I was suprised that at the moment I sat and rested, everybody took out their sketchpads and charcoal pencils. Whoa. Another impromptu modeling. I didn’t mind, though. I was feeling giddy the whole time. So here are three of the sketches. Will post the remaining two later. 8D

Portrait sketch by Sir Donato Mejia Alvarez

Portrait sketch by Nadja Ginete

Portrait sketch by Leonilo Doloricon

Will be posting later the portrait sketches made by Sir Dario Noche and no less than Sir Egai Talusan Fernandez, who was very kind to share a bit of his drawing and painting technique, and anwers to my questions. As many of you don’t know, I draw and paint as a hobby 8D And I intend to improve.<3


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