Friday, October 1, 2010

092510 The Rick Bernico Photo Shoot

Photographers are always amazed how my face changes quickly. I look kinda different in person from what the lens captures. I even look oddly different in mirrors. 
I was quite hesitant at first to have my bangs pushed back. People will get to see my wide forehead. I have always been teased of it, and it would definitely make me look different again. Thankfully though, I didn't look alien. I actually kind of liked it.
OH HAI THERE, ANNE. I was complaining here to Brian Baltazar, a photographer/new friend, why the mirror reflects a "prettier" version of me compared to his and Rick Bernico's lenses. To stop my ranting, Brian took a photo while I was showing him the difference. And voila! Instant ♥! :)

Let me give you another point of comparison. Hoho.


MIRROR. The hair stylist cum make-up artist was goofing around and distracting Brian. But she joined us later.

Meet the talented Missy Rivera.
It was definitely an amazing and memorable day. We left Ecotrend Gardens, Pasay (where the mansion and the zen garden, our location, is) at around eight in the evening. Thank you, Rick for visiting the Philippines all the way from Hawaii. Come again some time soon! :)


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