Monday, October 18, 2010

Chameleon Chic

 Layout 1: The Harajuku Doll

 Layout 2: The Madhatter's Wife

Layout 3: The Manhattan Elite

Photography by Estong "Nonoy" Figueroa
Styling by Paolo Sumayao

The funniest thing about this shoot is that we only had one night to prepare. I salute the ever-talented Paulo Sumayao for being able to create three awesome layouts overnight.

First layout was harajuku style. The wardrobe consisted of manila paper only. Eye had faux eyebrows for this one. Cool, is it not? Second layout seemed very couture-like to me, felt like I was the Madhatter's wife. And the last one, which was my favorite, is reminiscent of a New York elite strutting Manhattan clubs in her gorgeous Dior outfit.

We didn't have any make-up artist for this shoot. Everyone pretended to be professional make-up artists. Below were our roles:

Nonoy - foundation, blush, eye make-up
Grace - contour, lips
Pol - eye make-up
Me - lips, eyelid lining, eyebrow lining

Just click each of the photo to enlarge. :)



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