Monday, October 4, 2010


It was my first time to see and visit Marikina. I only know two things about the place. One, it is where those famous shoes are made and two, it was the city that was devastated the most by typhoon Ondoy. And I was pretty much amazed at how fast Marikina recovered. Anyhoo, this past Sunday's location was just right beside the river. We chose to shoot in the woody parts though because my wardrobe would fit there best.

Photography by B. E. & Co. The company is owned by Mr. Bryant and Ms. Ethel Sia. They give photo services for any occasion. Visit their site if you wanna know more. Ms. Ethel also owns a souvenir shop that makes lovely customized souvenirs. It's amazing, really, and cute.♥

It was almost night time here. I was feeling a bit exhausted. But I was really happy because they gave me enough leeway when it came to my outfits for this shoot. I practically styled myself.

There were three separate wardrobes for this shoot which all came from my "closet." I realized here how improtant accessories are and how they can give an oomph to any look.
Hair and Make-up by Ms. Cyrel Manlises. She is also the owner of Crystals and Strings, a shop that sells authentic, pre-loved designer bags (Chanel, Louis Vuitton!) at a more affordable price. Check out her site, she sells other adorable products as well. The accessories I wore in the photo above are hers. :)
 The concept of the shoot was a bit of hippie/boho-style. Since I do not have long boho dresses like what Nicole Richie famously wears, I had to make do with what I have. I just donned on some loose-fitting tops, earth-color dresses, floral scarves, hippie bands, and wavy locks. And I think we pulled it off. Agree?♥


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